Welcome to my blog. I like to drink wine and have been doing so for many years.

I currently work in an industry which scrutinizes, and sometimes prohibits (depending on content), the authoring of blogs. As a result, I regret I need to remain fairly anonymous (for now). Additionally, we don’t want them to know how much wine I drink. 🙂

What I can tell you is I am right around the age of 50 (right around…nice). I live in Central New Jersey, about 20 minutes from the New Jersey shoreline, with my first wife (of 18 years) and my two children (ages 9 and 12).

I have become fairly passionate about wine these days. I built a small room for proper storage of my wine collection in mid-2011. My interest has focused a lot on Spain, California, and Italy. That said, I am willing to try, and have tried, wines from South Africa to New Zealand. At the suggestion of a fellow blogger, I have even sampled wines from New Jersey (one was pretty good).

I hope you enjoy my postings and I look forward to your comments.

NJ Vinoman

12 comments on “About

  1. I’m assuming you live in NJ? I do, too. I’m enjoying your honest reviews – can’t wait to read more. Do you drink local wines at all? I’ve been enjoying some reds from South Jersey recently – they are young, but moving in the right direction. Great blog 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. You never know what people thing about your writing until they tell you!

      I do live in NJ. Central NJ, Monmouth County to be more specific.

      I have not yet tried any New Jersey wines, but am very open to giving them a go. Please let me know if you have any specific favorites on your list and I will try to acquire some.

      Thank you again for visiting!

      • Since I live in South Jersey, I’m partial to Bellview Winery’s Merlot and Cabernet Franc and Sharrot Winery’s Trio (red blend). I’ve heard that Heritage and Amalthea are also very good wineries to try.

        Wine tasting is a tough job, but someone has to do it 😉

  2. Hello NJ Vinoman~ like your blog, direct to the point, I mean it is all about the wine, right?
    I visit south jersey a few times a year to visit friends, I love the BYOB restaurants in Hunterdon County.
    Wine Everyday

    • Thank you for your comments, Wine Everyday. A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine. BYOBs in NJ are fantastic. You can bring in a bottle at a 35-50% discount to what it would be on a wine list. Great food and great wine, but you don’t get skewered for the wine. Thank you for your visit. Cheers!

  3. Ahhh wine. Don’t we just love it. I drink wine too. Lots. Thankfully I can share it with the world without compromising myself, unless a future employer is against it. Their loss then I guess!

    You should definitely try some Portuguese wines too, they are really good and cheap! Only just came across your (secret) blog now so not read much, but if you like to travel and have plans to go to Europe then I would strongly suggest visiting some vineyards over here. Douro is great and so beautiful. And I will repeat, it is pretty cheap in comparison to other countries wines and Lisbon has super charming wine bars! Especially “Garrafeira Alfaia” in Bairro Alto. They know their wines, cheeses and para negra! Yum!

    Take care!

  4. You have a great blog! I just linked to you in a “Thank You, Blog World” post. I did a short section on Wine Education.
    Also, thanks for your support! Sis and I are very grateful.

    • Thank you so much! That is so kind of you.

      You two ladies to a phenomenal job at Pas de Deux blog. Your posts are always entertaining, informative and uplifting (I even read the non-alcohol focused ones!). They are written in such a “happy style”, if there is such a thing. Keep on writing!

      Thank you both for the mention and for your great blog! Cheers! 🙂

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