5 comments on “2010 Maximin Grunhauser Riesling

  1. Glad you found a dry riesling after all! Maximin Grünhäuser is definitely a top notch producer. That the wine had a medium finish is awesome, given that it is his simple, everyday riesling. I can see how the wine might not appeal to people that like bone-dry whites, the fruit that even a dry riesling carries can easily be mistaken for sweetness. But I am really, really excited that you found beauty in this one, even if it might just prove that rieslings are not your first choice!! Thanks for keeping up trying…Two thumbs up!!

    • Oh, and if you want to continue your search, maybe now it is time to upgrade to the grand cru dry rieslings. In that case you are looking for GG on the bottle, standing for Grosses Gewächs. They are all dry, come from top notch vineyards and are the wines that the individual winemakers consider their best dry rieslings.

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