13 comments on “2008 Justin Vineyards & Winery Isosceles

  1. I love this wine! Justin makes some really wonderful wines are various price points. there entry level Cab is nice too and usually around $20 if not less. The winery got bought by the people who own Fiji water so things might change. they are phasing out some of the more interesting varietals like the Tempranillo and possibly even their Syrah blend. I highly recommend a visit to the winery as it is very impressive! I have one bottle of the Isosceles that I am saving but this post made me want to drink it today!!!

    • I didn’t know about the buyout. I certainly hope it doesn’t change things. This was such a great bottle.

      I found some of the 2009 vintage locally. I am hoping it is as good as the ’08 was.

      Thank you for your informative comments, as always! Cheers!

  2. My birthday trip a few years ago was to Paso Robles, and it was amazing. I don’t think we went to Justin, though. I guess we’ll just have to go back. 🙂

  3. I have not had the opportunity to try this product from Justin but am a big fan of their Cab. Reading yourt review and the comments have given me an urge to plan a trip to Paso Robles!
    Thank you.

    • Molly also mentioned their Cab in her comments.
      I haven’s seen it (I hadn’t been looking for it), but will keep an eye out for it now.

  4. Glad you have tasted it. It is a good wine, but not quite what they use to make. I sell this in Singapore and I am down to my last 6 bottles. I think the winery is sold out of 2008, I believe 2009 will be impressive. There is a Reserve Isosceles, which I love to give it a try, but quite expensive. Now that it is own by Fiji Water, I wonder if there are any changes in the direction of winemaking. I think we won’t know till the release of 2010/2011 vintage. Another excellent wine from Justin that is always fun to blind your friend is their Port made from Cabernet Sauvignon, named Obtuse. Not a grape that one will think of for Port, but I always have fun teasing my wine drinking friends.

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