16 comments on “2009 S.A. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett

  1. I just got a bottle of Dry Riesling from Australia – Have not opened it yet, but I am more optimistic that it will in fact be dry (much higher alcohol level is a sign). I don’t know if the German style will be dry enough for me to casually sip, however, I wonder if you tried that wine with dessert if it would be better. Just a thought.

    • I will keep looking for a German one which better fits Oliver’s description.
      The problem with a dessert wine is I rarely eat dessert.
      It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on the Aussie Riesling, when the time comes. Cheers!

    • I was surprised, and disappointed at how limited the selection was. I an going to try one if the NJ monster discount beverage chains and see if I fare better.

  2. Oh NOOOO!!! And oh YEEEEEES!!!! Now you are feeling my pain: The selection here in the US is usually paltry and not helpful at all. You picked an AWESOME winery, but as with most of these well established wineries along the Mosel, the wine they sell in the US is sweet. One big indicator, as in really big indicator, is if the alcohol level is low. That means that a lot of residual sugar remains in the wine and was not turned into alcohol by the yeast…so those 7.5% were a huge warning sign. Dries tend to be in the double digits ABV-wise.

    You had an amazing wine there, from a top producer from one of the best vineyards along the Mosel. It just wasn’t dry. I am so sorry about that. If you’re not a dessert eater and you end up with a sweet bottle of riesling again, try it with cheese: some parmeggiano or goat cheese. I find the salty-sweet mix works.

    Keep up the hunt!! They do exist…

  3. Couple of points, if I may. If you are looking for bone dry white wine, try Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine from Loire – they are some of the driest white wines in existence, usually considered ideal pairing for oysters. If you are looking for bone-dry Riesling, try the one from Alsace, for instance 2008 Zind-Humbrecht Riesling (should be quite austere).

    Kabinett Riesling which you had usually has the lowest level of residual sugar – however, 7.5% ABV is really low, I would like to see something at least around 10% ABV or higher for it to be drier. I know that there was a general problem in Germany with 2010 vintage which happened to be too ripe so pretty much all the wines taste too sweet – I didn’t know if 2009 had the same issue.

    Good luck in your search! You keep on drinking and writing, and we will keep on reading : )

  4. I’ve never seen a wine with 7.5% Alcohol. I believe a wine must have at least 7% of Alcohol but still I never drank any wine with a lower ABV than 9% 😀
    I guess that’s probably because I rarely drink Kabinett Rieslings.. I don’t like it when wines get extremely sweet..

    Well written review though 🙂

  5. I agree on the Alsation riesling and the muscadet suggestions. I would also through in a basic but nice chablis, steely dry. I love kabinett Rieslings though. The acidity is usually quite bracing and balances the touch of residual sugar. But that being said, most kabinetts tend to be around 9% and better attenuated.

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