5 comments on “2008 Antinori Tignanello

  1. I remember trying an earlier vintage a birthday once. It was really good, but it was not as stunning as I had hoped it would be, so I walked away with a bit of disillusionment. I guess that comes from too high expectations. Thanks for sharing this one!

  2. Nice write up on the Tiggi! I have a modest vertical 2004-2007. We still have the 2007 in our store (which is the best vintage I have had) so looking forward to getting the 2008s now. Opened a bottle of Antinori’s 2006 Guado Al Tasso over the weekend, review coming soon.

  3. It seems incredible to me that you know the Tignanello 😉
    Tomorrow I’m going to visit one of my customers in Umbria (Gubbio) and will try to get a couple of bottles. Is there a simple way to send one bottle to you?

    • The cost of shipping a bottle to the United States would be overly expensive, not to mention how they would handle the bottle.

      Thank you very much for the offer! Enjoy your trip to Umbria. Cheers!

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