6 comments on “Silver Oak and Twomey Cellars wine dinner at Del Frisco’s

    • Del Frisco’s is currently one of the better steakhouses in NYC. The chef really pulled out all the stops for Silver Oak. Match that with phenomenal wines and it was a fantastic wine dinner.

  1. I’m the director for a store in NJ. I’m always looking for wine buddies and people to learn from and share a glass with. let me know if theres any interest in putting a group together for occasional wine experiences. Cool blog by the way, I am enjoying reading your posts. wineworldmatt@gmail.com

  2. We had the same wine within the same week! Silver Oak 2007 Alexandar Valley Cabernet Sauvginon. i have always like Napa Valley version better, it has unique complexity and the ageability is much better than Alexandar Valley. I have enjoyed reading your tasting notes.

    • What a coincidence! I agree with you in that I prefer the Napa over the Alexander, but they are both quite good.
      Thank you for your comments and support. Cheers!

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