10 comments on “2009 Cameron Hughes Lot 278 Meritage

  1. How interesting. I’ve had some Cameron Hughes wine before, at the recommendation of a friend, but I didn’t know the story behind it. Yikes on the bamboozling, though. : )

  2. Good to know! Thanks for this post. I always have thought these situations were kind of like a grab bag. Sometimes you get a wonderful wine, sometimes you get an “eh” wine. Sounds like you did not get the wonderful wine this time. oh well, they can’t all be good I guess!

  3. Interestingly enough, I have quite similar experience with Cameron Hughes wines – I tried a few before and was equally unimpressed – I simply avoid his wines completely at this point. What is strange for me is that supposedly he is buying unsold wine from the great wineries – however, what I tried so far doesn’t confirm that model at all…

  4. That is disappointing! I’ve had some CH wines that were really good, a Lodi old vine zin, but I’ve also had some that weren’t so great. It’s a crap shoot, and you can’t buy more of the lots you like, because once they’re gone…they’re gone. I’ll definitely avoid this one. Thanks.

  5. I loved the smooth, dark richness of this wine. I’m surprised at the comments. It is one of the best wines I have had at this price point, and am looking for where I can find it, as I was out of state when I tried this wine.

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